Camm Rowland

Rapid Prototypes.

A revolving collection of quick ideas tuned into quicker sketches. These are not real products and brand collaborations are purely imagined.

Future Native

Um Like Literally

Using voice recognition, this real-time speech trainer provides visual and haptic feedback when pre-defined words are spoken by the user.

OXO X Future Native

First Cup

Who has time to wait for the entire pot to fill? This flexible device allows you to temporarily redirect your brewing coffee into a cup, with no mess.

Burton X Future Native

Beginner Friction Deck

The Burton "BFD" is a snowboard designed for beginners. Small cones provide omni-directional friction to slow the board and allow the rider to learn balance & technique.

IKEA X Future Native


Ljudkub ["you'd-cube"] is a powered stereo speaker and lighting system designed for IKEA Kallax shelving units.

Sony X Future Native

Sony 1LP

The Sony 1LP is a wireless music player that combines hi-fidelity music streaming with hi-resolution music packaging. Enjoy cover art and liner notes, and use the multi-purpose stand for cover art display or as a virtual turntable, complete with a "warm sound" EQ reminiscent of vinyl records.

MoMA X Future Native

Horizon Time Piece

Depicting the currently illuminated and shadowed sides of the earth, the Horizon's globe makes one full rotation every twenty four hours. Using tinted glass, a laser-perforated laminate surface and a hemispherical LED enclosure, the Horizon is neither a traditional globe or clock — but a new way to appreciate our shared experience of time.